An IIE – EEA IE Training Course initiative:

MODAPTS: Work Method Time Measurement and Improvement

The first course to be offered is on the MODAPTS work measurement system in setting time standards.

MODAPTS stands for Modular Arrangement of Predetermined Time Standards. Easily understood by employers, unions and employees, it provides standards that are transparent due to having the tasks constructed in such detail and accuracy. This feature of MODAPTS is so important as it avoids conflict from non-acceptance of standards.

MODAPTS is different from other systems in that it provides time elements for normal body movements rather than distances moved or the objects being handled.

The textbook “Heyde’s MODAPTS” will be used as part of this course. Each participant will receive a copy of the text book as part of their registration.

Industrial Engineering Society

Target Audience

This course is for:

  • Industrial Engineers
  • Managers, Accountants
  • Team Leaders and
  • Union Officials.

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Work Measurement & Time Standards
  • Time Study – Rating – Allowances
  • “MODAPTS PLUS” & “MOD++” using the icons
  • Overview –“MODAPTS PLUS” Coding and Data.
  • Simple Operations – Movements, Gets and Puts
  • Rest / Recovery Allowances
  • Exercises – normal times for simple operations
  • “Finger” Control vs “Hand” Control
  • The “MOD++” Program

Day 2:

  • “Hand Control” – heavy / bulky articles
  • Clerical Activities – Data & Exercises
  • Hand Trucks / Forklifts Data & Exercises
  • Exercises – Teams of Two
  • Review Team Exercises

Manual: “Heyde’s MODAPTS”

Presenters: Mike Jones and Damian Kennedy (registered MODAPTS instructors)

Course Objectives

  • Participants can expect to be able to confidently generate accurate standards using the MODAPTS system.
  • Provide a clear understanding of the MODAPTS system.
  • Benefits of MODAPTS compared to other systems – stopwatch studies.
  • Ability to set standards that are fair and accurate.
  • How to use MODAPTS as a tool to provide suitable work for employees with disabilities and/or those returning to work on light duties.
  • How to use MODAPTS as a modelling tool by simulating new or revised procedures/tasks and comparing them to the current.
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  • Guidance in setting up the data such that block data can be developed and used to develop quick yet accurate standards.
  • Emphasising the benefits of MODAPTS in ensuring consistency in the standards set by various Industrial Engineers within the company.

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