The Institute of Industrial Engineers Australia(IIEA) is a registered body incorporated in 1959 and the parent body of the IEA.

Industrial Engineers Australia(IEA) is the trading name for the IIEA.

The IEA is the Australian body dedicated to serving the need of industry for improved productivity by enhancing professional skills of industrial engineers and individuals involved with creating wealth through productivity improvement.

In this age of rapid change where business survival depends on the ability to initiate and embrace change to meet the challenges of our time, Industrial Engineers bring professional engineering methodology to organisational and process change. They address issues such as:

  • Critical analysis of the type and need for change
  • Specify the most appropriate means of achieving change
  • Predict the outcome of change
  • Carry out the implementation of the planned change
  • Measure the results against predicted outcomes

The IEA provides a forum for people interested in the advancement of Industrial Engineering and in optimising the use of increasingly scarce resources to solve problems of productivity. It provides members with an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience. It is concerned with furthering the development and education of industrial engineers, and developing, collecting and distributing industrial engineering knowledge.

Through meetings, Internet access, newsletters that incorporate information from like organisations throughout the world with which IIEA has reciprocal agreements, members remain abreast of techniques, and knowledge that both facilitate and enhance the quality of services they provide to management. Ongoing education and continuing professional development (CPD) is encouraged through both Engineers Australia and IEA.

Services provided to members respond to the specific needs of those members in each division and include such support as access to library services, publications, technical papers and activities such as workshops and plant visits.

Its role also includes establishing qualifications and professional standing by setting standards to be met and by maintaining appropriate membership gradings and the award of post nominals.

  • IEA Vision

    Industrial Engineers Australia will strive to enhance the professional competencies  of industrial engineers in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. It will represent the views and ideas of its members to government, to Engineers Australia and to industry. It will represent members on government committees, government bodies and industry task-forces. The support and attention to individual and corporate members will meet their expectations and enhance their careers.

  • IEA Mission

    As a leader in developing industrial engineering, IEA’s mission is to:

    – provide knowledge to, support and enhance the capabilities of those who are involved in or manage industrial engineering related activity
    – provide by various means, education and training in industrial engineering,
    – share ideas in industrial engineering,

    As the member focused body responsible for industrial engineering in Australia and the Asia Pacific region, represent industrial engineers.