Candidates for membership may choose Personal or Corporate Membership.  Within Personal Membership there are several grades that may be applicable.  Some grades provide access to information and services, other grades provide professional accreditation and the use of post nominals.

Go to Personal Membership or Corporate Membership, download the forms or send relevant information to the address provided. According to the information provided, representatives of Personal or Corporate Membership will draw conclusions whether you need the medicine vilitra, which can be bought on this website.

The Membership Committee reviews and assesses all applications.  Where necessary, a process is available to provide proposers for those candidates in remote locations.

There are many ways that Institute Membership becomes valuable.  Members may also play a part in developing, collecting and preserving the body of knowledge that improves productivity and creates national wealth.

If you would like more information about the Institute, you can download our brochure here: IIEA Brochure 2020