IIEA Newsletter 7 – December 2020

– From The President
– 2021 Program
– New Members
– Memorandum of Understanding
– From the Divisions
– Introduction To Quick Release Pins
– Learning to walk before running: how Lean Manufacturing lays the foundations for Digital Transformation
– A method of production cost estimation for business sustainability

From The President

Much has occurred since the last newsletter:
– The IIEA has a full program ahead
– New members are joining
– The agreement with Engineers Australia is almost finalised

Over the next year, the challenges of 2020 hopefully will recede. The opportunities post covid19 are there for the taking.

At this time I wish all members and their families a cheerful and safe festive season.

David Karr(FIIE, CP Eng), President IIEA

2021 Program

The IIEA program for the upcoming year is exciting and varied, with activities in all the Divisions.
These events will include webinars, face to face(F2F), hybrid webinars with F2F as well as on site visits.
The idea is to expose IIEA members to various industries from an Industrial Engineering(IE) perspective, as well as exposing speakers and industries to IE.

Events Schedule

New Members

Our program of encouraging IEs to join the IIEA is moving forward. Over the past year 24 new members have been accepted ranging from students to very experienced IEs. Recently 2 new members who qualified in Columbia were inducted.

Andres Osma and Maria Acevedo with IIEA President David Karr

I would like to welcome the new members including Maria Acevedo. Harshil Galaiya. Andres Osma, Yesid Ramirez Pena, Luke Scott, Graham Eagles, Zaid Al-saegh.

I hope these new members will be active within the IIEA and their local divisions.

Memorandum of Understanding

After over 14 years the IIEA and EA have signed off the MoU on 11th December 2020.
The MoU allows the IIEA to be fully recognised as an independent society of EA as well to allow members of both organisations to collaborate in joint activities.

The IIEA was NOT able to negotiate FREE or same benefit access to all EA events. There are however some EA events that are available free for all IIEA members.
It should be noted that the IIEA in the spirit of co-operation has agreed to allow ALL EA members and society members access to ALL IIEA events at the same benefit level as IIEA members.

IIEA will also be working closely with EA College of Leader Management(CLM)
Hopefully IE will be promoted more within EA.

From The Divisions


The WA division is very active with events.
In November a BBQ was held at David Karr’s estate in The Swan Valley. 11 participants from various backgrounds and professions participated. The company and food very fitting for the occasion especially the boerewors and mieliepap(South African dishes)

David demonstrated his UAV(unpersonned aerial vehicle)-photo enclosed.
The festivities were followed by the presentation of Affiliate membership certificates to Parri and Baranginy Undulatus. An informal discussion ensued on how covid19 impacted on the attendees in their professional and personal lives.

The WA division program for the 2021 includes

Feb Site Visit Roy Hill Operations Centre
Mar Webinar Optimum Airline Flight Operations-Capt Milan Kosanović
Apr Webinar FOW-Details to follow
Jun Webinar TBA
Oct Social TBA

Wishing you all the best over the festive season. Stay Safe.

For WA Division President Bob Watson(FIIE)

Introduction To Quick Release Pins

By Prabhu Subbiah Ramdoss
This project was done five years ago for a Manufacturing company located at Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America.

Download Article: Quick Release Pins – Prabhu Subbiah Ramdoss

Learning to walk before running: how Lean Manufacturing lays the foundations for Digital Transformation

By Guilherme Luz Tortorella
Senior Lecturer, Dept of Mech Eng, The University of Melbourne

Download Article: Lean Management – Guilherme Tortorella

A method of production cost estimation for business sustainability

By Dr Abdul Md Mazid, School of Eng and Tech, Central Queensland University, Melbourne Campus

Download Article: Production Cost Estimation – Abdul Mazid