WA Division

The WA division is very active with events.
In November a BBQ was held at David Karr’s estate in The Swan Valley. 11 participants from various backgrounds and professions participated. The company and food very fitting for the occasion especially the boerewors and mieliepap(South African dishes)

David demonstrated his UAV(unpersonned aerial vehicle)-photo enclosed.
The festivities were followed by the presentation of Affiliate membership certificates to Parri and Baranginy Undulatus. An informal discussion ensued on how covid19 impacted on the attendees in their professional and personal lives.

The WA division program for the 2021 includes

Feb Site Visit Roy Hill Operations Centre
Mar Webinar Optimum Airline Flight Operations-Capt Milan Kosanović
Apr Webinar FOW-Details to follow
Jun Webinar TBA
Oct Social TBA

Wishing you all the best over the festive season. Stay Safe.

For WA Division President Bob Watson(FIIE)